Marlen, from Germany, living in Berlin

Hello everyone!

My name is Marlen and I live in Berlin, Germany.
I am originally from Berlin and after having lived for a few years in England, the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain, I returned to my home town 6 years ago.
In my free time I enjoy yoga, biking, cooking, spending time with friends and learning languages.

This year I started learning how to code. I did a Frontend Development program and I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I do but its so amazing when you can create a homepage or an app that actually works :smile:
My signature recipe is a sweet potato / mushroom risotto :wink:
I speak German, English and French fluently and I have some knowledge of Spanish and Dutch.
I have become a German tutor, because I love meeting new people, am passionate about languages, travelling, other cultures and really want to help others to learn German.

Looking forward to meeting you!



You are welcome at Chatterbug @MarlenK! Enjoy you live lessons and never hesitate to ask whenever you have questions!

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Wow, it’s so cool to hear you’ve got some technical skills too! You’re definitely a perfect fit for our Chatterbug team, we’re all about languages + tech :wink: Welcome!


Bienvenida, @MarlenK We are glad to have you here :happyllama: :happyllama:.


Welcome, Marlen! :catbee:

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Thank you so much :smile:

Hi @MarlenK,

nice to meet you and greetings from Berlin-Wedding :wave: :smiley: