Mathieu from France


My name is Mathieu, I’m 38, and I live in France, in a beautiful region called Alsace, which is near the German and the Swiss border.
I have now been working as a flight attendant for 13 years, and since I work a bit less at the moment because of the pandemic, I decided to use my language and patience skills to help out people willing to learn French.
I would define myself as a very positive person, open-minded and curious about life and things.
During our sessions, it will be very important for me that we spend a good time together, but most importantly that you will complete your lesson with the feeling that you have learned something useful to grow your confidence in your ability to speak French.
Looking forward to interacting with you soon.



Welcome to the Chatterbug Tutor Community @Mathieu68!!

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Bienvenue Mathieu ! Parles-tu un peu Alsacien ?!

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non malheureusement.
Est ce que toi tu le parles?

Non mais je trouve ça super intéressant les dialectes et patois régionaux ! Il y a un exercice sur ça en B1, on doit lire des phrases en breton, corse, alsacien par exemple, c’est assez drôle (il y a la phonétique heureusement :sweat_smile:) !


ah merci pour le tip. J’irai voir. J’aurais adoré parler alsacien, mais mes parents ne le parlaient pas donc pour le coup, je n’ai pas pu apprendre… Dommage

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Welcome, @Mathieu68 :relaxed: It looks as a really beautiful place to live in :sunrise_over_mountains:.

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Salut Mathieu, excuse moi. Je pense le connection avec le internet est tres mal. Je suis desolée. Stephanie

no worries. I hope we can work together another time ;]
bonne soirée

Mathieu, your into sounds very nice.
I once went hiking in the Alsace Area near Nancy, it was just mind blowing :star_struck:

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glad you liked it. you need to push a bit further, and come explore Alsace.
We have some beautiful small villages, “la route des vins”, amazing food :wink:

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