Michael from Munich, right now in Malaysia


Currently I make a pause from tutoring due to jobs and exhibitions in Europe.
Once back in Asia I’ll be happy to teach again and see how much progress you’ve all made!


I grew up in Munich, between Oktoberfest and the Alps, the surfers from the English Garden and Haus der Kunst Museum.

I studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and now I travel the world and paint what I stumble upon. Right now I’ve put up my studio in Kuala Lumpur from where I will try to help you learn German.

I’ve been brought up bilingual (German / Polish) which I hope will help me explain you some nuances of german grammar.

I also speak English, Spanish and a very little bit of French.

See you soon,



Wow, amazing art! Thanks for sharing with us and welcome to the Chatterbug Tutor Community!

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Cool :sunglasses: Michael, nice to meet you :wave:

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Welcome to the community Michael :slight_smile:

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Hi Michael, thank you very much for your interesting conversation in the Live-Lesson. I enjoyed that very much. Great to know you and I highly recommend you to other students.

I will be off from Chatterbug for a while (because I have enrolled myself in another course) but when there is a chance to be back - I hope to see you again.


Likewise Hung Tu!

The lessons with you were very enriching for me as well. It was a pleasure to meet you!

Hope to see you again someday!

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