Michael-Tiba from Germany Berlin

Hey there✌🏾, I am Michael, based in Berlin and I am a tutor for german here on Chatterbug. Besides German and English I do speak Swahili, a language spoken in the Eastern countries of the African continent. I am keen to learn Spanish but right now this wish stays to be picked upon at some future point - hopefully soon.

What keeps me busy are my studies in Information Technology or IT and my job as a Cabin Crew Member mostly on the international routes. So you better look twice in case you thought to have seen me across the street after our last lesson, it could be me :wink: and If so I’d be happy to come up for a coincidence praising and circumstances underlining - scoop of ice cream or the equivalent thereof in your town. Please hold me accountable!

I’m really into Tech, different cultures, into finding similarities and embracing diversity :rainbow: I love nature, especially Mountains and Water*sports (mostly Kitesurfing and Wakeboarding/ whitewater Surfer here) and I love books, my faves right now: Harari, Murakami, Smil, Adichie to name a few. Be aware: picking them up in a conversation might get us beyond the scope of the conversation. I warned you :sweat_smile::blossom::nerd_face:


You are welcome at Chatterbug, @Tiba.MJ! Enjoy tutoring!

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thanks @SKrausser I’m excited about 'bee’ing a part of this already!!

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Hola @Tiba.MJ :happyllama:

Welcome to Chatterbug and please, if you have any doubts don’t hesitate to contact us here in the forum :hugs:.

Have a nice day :sun_with_face:.

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Hi @Tiba.MJ,
nice to meet you :wave: :smiley:. I also live in Berlin …so if you see a catterbug :honeybee: on a wheelchair :wheelchair: could be me :wink:
Tschüssi aus,


Hey @Germanlady that is totally possible I must live near you. We should catch up for a tea and a chat sometime if you’d like :slight_smile:

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Sure, why not @Tiba.MJ …usually I’m late though and on my way to somewhere or back from :joy::roll_eyes:

Willkommen @Tiba.MJ!

I loved watching your introduction video. Fun idea to show all the different places you visit and give us a glimpse into your home. I’m sure @Mathieu68 and @Anvu can relate :slight_smile: What are your favorite destinations?

Since you’re new I’d like to point out that you can start learning Spanish with our new Streams App. It’s free for all tutors until the end of the year. :wink:


i could never do such a nice video! Am so bad with IT :wink:
Wish Tiba.Mj lots of success here on Chatterbug!