Miguel from Mexico 🇲🇽

Hi everyone :wave:

I am from Salamanca, Mexico (central Mexico), but I have been living in León, Mexico (still central Mexico) since November of last year. I’m 26, and I joined Chatterbug around June of last year. I lived in the U.S. and in France for a year each, and both experiences were pretty amazing.

I’ve always had a thing for languages. I was 16 when I started teaching English in an on-site school in Mexico, then French, and in France I taught Spanish to French speakers over there, and now Chatterbug :man_shrugging:

I speak :mexico: , :us: and :fr: fluently, and can kind of survive in :de: speaking places (not counting Bavaria)

I majored in Chemical Engineering, but decided to pursue programming instead, and now I work as a web developer for a consulting agency based in Colima, Mexico