Mona from Freiburg, Germany

Servus everyone!

My name is Mona and I am originally from Freiburg in the very south of Germany. This area is called “Dreiländereck” (tri-border region) as we are so close to France and Switzerland. I grew up in a small village at the foot of an extinct volcano, harvesting grapes with my family and helping my grandfather making wine out of it. :grapes:

In 2017 I moved to Ecuador and worked for an NGO dedicated to the problem of water contamination in rural areas of the Andes mountains. :sunrise_over_mountains: The Ecuadorian landscape is absolutely breathtaking and incredibly diverse. I was always so grateful for every moment I was able to spend in my new home abroad. I even managed to love “Encebollado”, a traditional fish soup you eat for breakfast, which I found quite bizarre in the beginning.

After one year I came back to Germany and studied English and German literature for two semesters in my hometown Freiburg before deciding to change to medicine. So I moved to Leipzig two and a half years ago.
Leipzig is an insanely beautiful city and has a lot of art and culture to offer.

In my freetime I enjoy reading books, writing from time to time and taking care of my plants (I aspire to be a real “plant mom” one day). With the sun out I am happiest and you will probably find me close to the lakes on my longboard or in the park with my friends. :sun_with_face:

My mother tongue is German, apart from that I also speak fluent Spanish and English. Currently, I am learning Arabic with my 2 roommates, who happen to be from Syria and Jordan!

I am very happy to be part of the Chatterbug community now and I am looking forward to share my love for languages.

I wish you all a sunny day!
Best, Mona :sunflower:


Welcome Mona! Your bio makes me want to travel again! :earth_africa: :hiking_boot:


Hi Mona, welcome to the tutor team :wave:
Cheers, Melanie

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@Mona_Madeleine Where in Ecuador did you live? Greetings from Sigsipamba near Riobamba at Mount Chimborazo!

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I was living in Guaranda and I went to Riobamba quite often actually to meet friends or for work meetings. El Chimborazo is so beautiful! I went there a couple of times for work and for walks too. The air is very very thin, but the hard climb is definitely worth it! :mount_fuji:
Muchos saludos!

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Have you ever driven the so called “Gallo Rumi” way from Guaranda via San Juan to Riobamba?

Oh yes I have and my heart dropped several times on those curvy roads!

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Two weeks ago I was there for the first time. How considerate from my friends to remind me that some of those canyons are more than 1200 meters deep jajajajajajaja
Next time, I’ll use the better road via El Arenal.

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Bienvenida @Mona_Madeleine :hugs:


Hey there

After 10 minutes the link for the class gets lost… So I am not able to connect to the class anymore :frowning:

Hey @Stefanutti :slight_smile: Indeed, neither the student nor the tutor can enter a class after 10min late. You can find more details about this here.
I hope you can have another lesson soon! :nerd_face:

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Oh hey girl! I think I know you :nerd_face: