Mona from Hamburg, Germany

Moin everyone :anchor:,

My name is Mona and I live in Hamburg. I have the honor to work as a tutor at Chatterbug since July 2018.

Since I have a Persian father, I was born and raised in Iran :iran:. After graduating from high school I moved to Germany :de: where my mother came from and I have been living here since 2010. I only started learning German grammar at the age of 18. Before that, I was an illiterate in German :sweat_smile: :woman_facepalming:t3:

I studied energy and environmental engineering in TU Hamburg and was a student until May 2019. At the moment I work mainly at Chatterbug as a German Tutor. But even if I find a job in my own field, I would still like to stay at Chatterbug, even though I can only work for a few hours a month.

The Reason: I really enjoy it here :star_struck: It’s just a lot of fun to gather lots of beautiful experiences and to meet wonderful people from all over the world :earth_africa: and to hear unique stories from each one of them. For me, Chatterbug lessons are like traveling :rocket: to a new country every time I teach, getting to know new people and their cultures.

Many of my students thought that I can explain the grammar very well! I think it’s because it was not that long ago that I learned the grammar :thinking: and it was also hard for me to get used to so many different grammar rules (So I’m suffering with you :face_with_thermometer::crazy_face:). When I was a german learner myself, I almost forgot English grammar and I did not find it so funny back! is it just my problem when I learn a new language or do you have the same problem as me!?! :roll_eyes::pleading_face:

to cut a long story short: I always find it amazing how fast the students progress in Chatterbug and I say “Hats off!”:tophat::point_down:t3: I wish you all a huge success in the future :heavy_heart_exclamation:


She is the best teacher. I recommend her !!


I am looking for best German Tutor - I am Native German speaker was 15 when I left for USA. 40 years in US now back in Austria for work. I know German very well, sort of understand the grammar but it’s instinctually because it is my mother tongue but need to practice conversation ie Tantum coaching. Unfortunately, my business associates all speak english in business.

I have requested a tutor for today Sunday, 15th to talk about anything/everything. I love politics, poetry, science, play chess etc. etc. It would be great to for example read an newspaper article in german and then discuss it or read article in English and then discuss it in german. Sometimes I know the German word but need help from someone who can provide it when I say it in english during a conversation.


Hello, Mona! I am Yumi. Wants to have a German lesson with you. How can I find the link to book the lesson with you? LG Yumi

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Hi @Soulman! Mona is currently on holiday and does not have any availability set up.

In order to book a lesson with her when she’s back, you can click here to open Mona’s profile.

On her profile page, you only have to click “favorite” and she’ll appear on your schedule page, when she has availability again. Then, you can book a lesson with her based on her and your availability.