Natalia from Berlin, living in Dublin

Hi You All! :orange_heart:

My name is Natalia and I’m currently doing my semester abroad in Dublin :ireland:.
I’m very thankful to have this opportunity and I’m already in love with this city!
By the way, I’m in my last year studying Digital Business in Berlin, which is similar to Business Administration but focusing more on innovative technologies and businesses around digitization.

Originally I was born in Barcelona :ceuta_and_melilla: till I was 7, and then I moved to Berlin :de:. On the one hand the loud and lively Barcelona, and on the other hand the cool and diverse Berlin. Both are great cities that I can call my home :heart:

Besides that I have roots in Latin America: Peru :peru: and Chile :chile:. I travelled a lot to Peru since my grandparents still live there. I visited the Machu Picchu (definitely a must see!) and a lot of other beautiful places there. I have to say, the Peruvian kitchen :plate_with_cutlery: is one of the best you can think of (btw. Ceviche is my favourite dish) and not to forget the typical peruvian drink Pisco Sour :tropical_drink:. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to visit Chile yet, but it’s on my bucket list for sure :earth_americas:

I speak German and Spanish as my native language, and english fluently.

I’m really looking forward to meet new people, to have interesting conversations and of course, I’m here to help and support you to be more confident in the german language :grinning:!

Have a nice day! :hugs:


Welcome to the community!!


Hello Natalia! Welcome to Chatterbug. :blush: Congratulations on entering your last year of university. Wishing you all the best for your studies!
Where would you like to go in Chile when you get the chance? :thinking:


Thank You! I’m very excited :grinning:

Thank you very much JoAnn!! :grinning:

First I would visit the capital Santiago de Chile, mainly because I have family there that I only know from pictures! I want so see all the beautiful landscapes like the national parks, definitely the easter Island and Valparaiso. There are infinite places to visit! :earth_americas:!


Bienvenida, Natalia :slight_smile: Nos alegra tenerte en nuestra comunidad :blush:.

Ya sabes, cualquier duda no dudes en escribirnos :happyllama:.

Ten un bonito día :sun_with_face:.

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Gracias Sandra igualmente! :blush:

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