Nico from Germany

Hey there!

I’m Nico, 19 years old, living in Ulm, Germany. I have been helping refugees to learn the german language as they came here back in 2018. I’m currently a full time student in languages. I speak French (B2), German (C2), English (C2), Japanese (A1) and Spanish (A1). Since I’m absolutely into travelling, I really look forward to exchange some cultural stuff right now. I’ve been on almost every continent before, which helps my experience out a lot.

Since I’m aware of how hard the German language is, I’m here to help you as a mother language speaker. I’m looking forward to have you as my student. Feel free to hit me up with a chat any time!


Welcome Nico! I also teach German here, wishing you many successes and good experiences with your students on Chatterbug!
Hope you enjoy this lovely community! :sunny:
Warm wishes


Welcome, Nico! Happy to have you onboard :slight_smile:

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