Nils from Heidelberg, Germany

Hey lovely people, Hallo ihr Lieben,

my Name is Nils Schneider, a name that sounds really German ;-), I am currently 29 years old (which sounds quite old for me, 30 will even sound older :-o) and I grew up in the South West of Germany, near the University town of Heidelberg.

I have been part of Chatterbug for about 1,5 years now - I started in July 2018 - and have tutored around 430 live lessons with students from all over the world so far. In the past 9 years after finishing my ALevels I have lived in Ireland and Mexico to study/travel and of course to improve my language skills. My English and Spanish are not bad, at the same time there is always space for advancement as you all know.

I have some background in permaculture and took courses in anthropology and German language teaching at the University of Heidelberg. Currently I live with my family in my home village and I am making plans to move abroad - to the Canary Islands or Latin America - pretty soon…

I would say I am a quite open-minded person, interested in soccer/football, religions, society, ecology, psychology and more…is there more then the before mentioned?! :wink: :smiley:

Well, all the best! Stay healthy! And take a live lesson with me, you won’t regret it #advertisement