Nolwenn from France!

Hi, I am Nolwenn. I am coming from an island in Atlantic (Île de ré). I am doing my Phd in ottoman archaeology in Aix-Marseille, France and in Bonn,Germany, where I am currently living !

I lived in France, Germany and Turkey. For my studies I also worked in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Egypt, Cyprus, Oman and Bosnia-Herzegovina. As you can imagine, I traveled a lot and I would love to know more about your own experience !

I speak french, german and english, but I also have some knowledge in Arabic, Kurdish and Italian. Beside my PhD I teach french as foreign language and english and german for french speakers since many month and I really like it. I want to develop my italian to get the opportunity to teach french in Italy. I like sharing french culture and language !

I like to paint and to draw when I have time and I am sharing my art on my instagram account (if you want to check it : nolwenn.guedeau). I play piano and guitar, and sometime I sing with my boyfriend together. I love to travel, visit museum and go to concert, but also work in my garden where I have a lot of tomatoes !

I am very happy to be a part of Chatterbug.

Looking forward to meet you.

Cheers !


Welcome to the community, im sure you will love it here :slight_smile:

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Welcome, Nolwenn! We’re looking forward to hearing more about your language experiences :speech_balloon:


@Nolwenn: Merci beaucoup :clap:t4:
Great job!

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Hi Nolwenn ! You certainly have travelled and worked in a lot of different places, so cool! Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

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Bonjour Nolwenn

Dans l’attente de parler avec vous un peu plus tard.

Je m’appelle Mary. J’ai 62 ans et j’habite dans le Sussex, en sud-est d’Angleterre. J’ai etudie francais a l’ecole et plus, commee etudiante, j’ai travaille 2 fois dans une colonie de vacances en France.

Nous avons achete une maison pres de Carcassonne en 2003. J’adore la France! J’ai 4 enfants, 2 filles, 2 garcons. Ils sont adultes maintentant. Ma fille la plus agee, qui s’appelle Lucy, va se marier cet ete. Nous sommes tres heureux!

Au revoir pour l’instant.

J’espere que je peux marcher mon ordinateur pour commencer notre conversation!



Bonjour Nolwenn! Je suis un débutant, et j’ai hâte de voir notre leçon!

What an exciting biography you have! It especially caught my eye because of your archeology work – I just recently learned about Göbekli Tepe. While not Ottoman per se, I was absolutely stunned that such remarkable places are still being discovered. Wow! Fascinating work.

À demain!


Hey mgm !

I’m looking forward to meet you. Happy to read that you like archaeology ! Göbekli Tepe is wonderful, but I never was there !

À bientôt !