Pepe from Spain

¡Hola! My name is Pepe and I come from Valladolid, Spain. I am 23 years old.

It is such a pleasure to me to start tutoring at Chatterbug. Since I am little, I have been a passionate about the Spanish language and the culture of all the countries that speak it, including my own. There is such a diversity that attracts so many students because of its culture (and I consider myself also one of them). But I also love to speak other languages! We can communicate in German, English and French.

Due to my interest on getting to know other cultures, I have spent some summers in France and the UK. Plus, last year I had the opportunity to spent a whole year studying in German at the University in Vienna. I am currently back home in Spain and I have started to be part of the Mentoring Team for exchange students at my University.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any question! I am looking forward to help you at your desire of learning this beautiful language :grinning:


Note: I am currently studying until January 2023 in order to get my Medical License here in Spain. Therefore, I feel compelled to reduce drastically the amount of hours available for Tutoring. However, I will continue tutoring in my free time. Wish me good luck! :man_health_worker:


Hey hey!

It’s so nice to meet you! I think its great to have Spanish tutors in our team! Also I want to congratulate you to ending your education! I can imagine it was a tough ride! :sweat_smile:


Welcome to the Chatterbug Tutor Community, Pepe!


Lo siento pépé i au running late still driving I will join the Lesson as soon as I arrive home may be 10 min late

Hi Pepe, are you able to tech Spanish in German. I was born and raised in Austria (native tongue) but moved to the USA at 9 years and lived there since. Now I am working for German company and am relearning (business language) German grammar - grammar is my main interest / the framework which then allows me to learn other languages ie, Spanish. To practice my German and learn spanish I am looking for tutor that know German enough to explain Spanish. Ultimately I would like to reach favorite Spanish poets in spanish not english translations. I will be living in Spain Marbella staring Feb. 15th so a chance to practice.

Hello there!
It’s amazing that you have such an interest in languages, I am sure that you are able to master English already, so lucky! :wink:
Answering to your question: yes I do normally conduct live lessons with native German speakers in German, but I also often have to switch to English at some point since my knowledge of none of these languages is perfect… However, I have never had any problem with understanding the students or making myself understood.
I have to say that, eventhough I know Spanish as my native language, I sometimes have to review some of the grammar rules since I have interiorized them as a kid and I do not know how to explain them to non-native speakers. And as far as I know, Chatterbug doesn’t necessarily expect us (Live Lesson tutors) to explain grammar at the Live Lessons. There’s plenty of other tutors (also those who speak German) that I am sure that can help you at least as good as I can with Spanish Live Lessons!
Having said that, and assuming you have read my introduction and you’ve read that I am a student, I have to tell you that my availability often varies at exams periods or holidays, which means that I sadly cannot commit to have Live Lessons periodically with a specific student. :sweat_smile:
My advice: I would try to have Live Lessons with the tutors that Chatterbug automatically offers you, and I’d see with which tutor I feel more comfortable. However, if you want to have a Live Lesson with me, I am totally open if you want to try and see how it goes!

I hope that I have answered to your question, please let my know if I haven’t! :wink:

Thank you. All the best finishing your Medical studio.

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