Petar from Germany (kind of)

Hello to everyone!

My name is Petar and I was born and grew up in Belgrade, Serbia but I moved to Berlin in 2011 in order to pursue a sports career in water-polo. I have been tutoring with Chatterbug since October, 2017 and I am grateful for every minute spent here, because I have changed my studies to Grundschullehramt (elementary school teacher) due to the experience gathered at this wonderful place.
There is always a number of different things occupying my interests and time. Currently I’m into learning how to play a guitar and exploring different classical works of fantasy genre. In addition to that, I tend to slightly obsess over movies and tv shows.
Sport was a huge part of my life and I try to keep some athletic habits developed during my professional career. I love cycling and have also recently started jogging, which as you may very well know, isn’t all that interesting. They say it’s healthy though.
Last but not least, I love going to a new place, opening a map and getting lost in all of the crazy and shady little places, which the city has to offer. With shady corners come crazy stories and I am always on the lookout for these.
My next big goal is to actually start speaking proper and understandable Spanish. Happily in love since October, 2018 and constantly commuting between Berlin and Schwerin.


Petar, Ich denke dass, deine letzte Frage in der Livelesson über die grosse Fremdspracheklasse sehr interessant war! Es ist besser, in einer kleine Klasse zu sein, aber es ist nicht immer möglich, weil es teuer ist. Ich frage mich aber, ob mann die kleiner gruppe machen können in die Klasse- die andere Schülerin inzwischen allein arbeiten können. Das ist aber nicht so einfach zu schaffen! :slight_smile: