Pumuki from Berlin

Hello, my name is Antonio, but everyone knows me by the nice name of Pumuki.

I am originally from Murcia, Spain, but I have been living in Berlin for 6 years.

It is an honor for me to work as a Tutor in Chatterbug since approximately April 2018, because among other things I am passionate about the Spanish language among many others and I love being able to teach it.
I have basic English, I’m still studying it and starting with German.

I studied Bachelor of Arts in Murcia, Sound Engineer in Madrid in a privat school, in which I was traveling around the world for 6 years as a technician of great Flamenco companies, taking Spanish language and culture to many different countries of the world, and my profession Parallel is a musician.
I am a drummer and percussionist that is why I moved to Berlin, this multicultural city with space for everything and everyone.

I love languages ​​and I love music, two beautiful communication’s forms

Can you imagine my happiness?
Chatterbug Spanish tutor and musician in Berlin?
Well, that is me.:grinning:

I am passionate about teaching what I like so much and very happy to belong to the Chatterbug team as a Spanish Tutor.

You are invited to try a lesson with Pumuki and enjoy learning Spanish.

Always looking forward to teaching you…