Quentin from Belgium, living in Germany

Bonjour tout le monde !

Greetings from the city of Plön, in northern Germany!

My name is Quentin and I’m from Brussels, Belgium :belgium:. I grew up in this international city and that is also where I studied for a master in International Relations. :earth_africa:
I am 36 years old and I am currently working as a freelancer French teacher.

Coming from that international atmosphere, I soon decided to expand my horizon. I lived for one year in Italy :it: (in Forlí, near Bologne), 6.5 years in Mexico :mexico: (Cuernavaca, near Mexico City) and now in Germany :de: (Plön, near Hamburg). As you can see, I love tiny cities! One of the reasons is that it seems to me easier to learn a language in a little city than in a big metropolis where English is everywhere :grimacing: .

Thanks to my path, I speak today 6 languages at different levels: French (native), Spanish (C2), English (C1), Italian (B2), German (B1) and Dutch (A2).

My main hobbies are reading and music. As for reading, I love SF. My recommendation at the moment would be Ursula K. Le Guin and the amazing worlds and societies she describes in her books (or to practice your French: René Barjavel, Ravage). As for the music, I love electronic music and I would send you there to my actual hit: Electric City by Bengale (French lyrics :fr:).

I’ve been teaching French for 6 years in Mexico in a Swiss high school (I know it sounds weird) where I was also teaching (Mexican) history in… French (even weirder) and Geography (in Spanish). It has been a great experience and I can’t wait to connect with people from everywhere to share the beauty of my mother tongue.

Un petit mot en français pour terminer ma présentation : en tant que professeur, le plus important pour moi est que mes étudiants soient capable d’utiliser la langue concrètement, dans le quotidien. Si apprendre une langue est un excellent exercice pour le cerveau, la pratiquer, la vivre et la faire vivre nous donne accès à de nouveaux mondes !

À très bientôt sur Chatterbug !



Hola, Quentin :happyllama:

Bienvenido! How cool, you can speak many languages, and you have had the opportunity to meet the cultures as well that’s awesome :star_struck:.

What has been the most interesting thing for you learning each language?

Si tienes preguntas no dudes en escibirnos :relaxed: and have fun with your Live Lessons!


Bienvenue Quentin :grinning:!

6 languages - that’s amazing :star_struck:!
How is the transition between Mexico and North Germany?

René Barjavel : I definitely approve :heart_eyes:. My favorite book from him is La nuit des temps, that also deals with languages, translation, power… and love of course!

Have fun tutoring French students on Chatterbug :tada:!

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Muchas gracias! No dudaré en escribirles :slight_smile:

What I like the most with languages is rightly how they make you express a feeling (that is always the same) but through different lenses. The more you spend time with people from another culture, the more you get tools to express yourself.

Hasta pronto!


Merci beaucoup ! Hâte de rencontrer les étudiants de Chatterbug et la communauté de tuteurs :wink:

So far so good with the transition. I love learning German and people are really nice and willing to help. The only thing I really miss from Cuernavaca is the tropical weather :stuck_out_tongue:

La nuit des temps is a fantastic book indeed!

See you soon!


Welcome @qsohet! What a great profile! :star_struck:
I didn’t know this song, it’s very cool : I put the link in your bio so it’s easier to listen to it ! :musical_note:
Hmm Cuernavaca… Something tells me that you know each other with @SylvainG ?! :face_with_monocle: :grin:


Hey Quentin :smiley:
Ca fait plaisir de te retrouver ici ! A nouveau collègue :stuck_out_tongue:
Alors Plön, c’est comment ? Parle-nous un peu de cette ville ! Le climat c’est pas trop le top apparemment ? Reviens quand tu veux nous rendre visite à Cuernavaca :hugs:

@Amandine Indeed, we know each other :wink: Quentin is a good friend. He’s a great teacher and a wonderful person. I’m sure the student will enjoy working with him, the same way I did and all the students he had in the Swiss school. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


What a pleasure to work again with such a great teacher as @SylvainG! It has been great to collaborate with him in Mexico, he is not only a great colleague, he is indeed a good friend :smile:

À bientôt par ici et bonjour au Mexique de ma part (qui me manque bcp!!)