Rick from El Salvador

Hi! My name is Rick from US/El Salvador

Something I love of my family is that my dad is from US and my mom is Latina, take their families too and that means there was always people speaking in both languages in the house all the time.

Being raised like that… sure It was fun, and It was very useful too. Being so close to those two different cultures helped me in my work as a language tutor. I can understand how different people “think” in their language.

I am a Computer Science Engineer but in my heart I’m a teacher. Sure I can make some code, run a system and so on, but what I really enjoy to do is to give classes.

Being in Chatterbug is making me meet people from so many different countries. I´ve learned how melodious and simple Hawaiian is (Most of the language consist in vowels). How Japanese is not so hard as it looks. (Its a very phonetic language) and so much more interesting things I’ve learned from my students.

I hope I can make you have a good time in your language learning process.