Sadé from the US

Hi everyone! My name is Sadé and I was born and raised in South Florida, USA :sun_with_face:. I moved to Baltimore, Maryland in August 2020 for a research fellowship in addiction neuroscience :brain:, and will be on the move again this August for medical school! :woman_health_worker:t5: I graduated from the University of Miami in May 2020 with a double major in Psychology and Spanish. Growing up in Miami and other parts of South Florida, I was always surrounded by Spanish speakers and I began to formerly learn the language in high school. I enjoyed learning Spanish so much, and also felt a need to be able to communicate with future Spanish-speaking patients, that I made Spanish my 2nd major! Besides learning the language, I also really enjoyed exploring Spanish and Latin American culture and history through literature and film. :earth_americas:

I love meeting people from all over the world and learning new things! I love traveling and have visited about 15 foreign countries, including Mexico :mexico:, Puerto Rico :puerto_rico:, Nigeria :nigeria:, Trinidad :trinidad_tobago:, England :uk:, and France :fr:. Some places that I’m hoping to travel to next are Spain :es:, Costa Rica :costa_rica:, Sweden :sweden: and back to Mexico because I love it so much! In my free time I like to cook :woman_cook:t5:, draw, paint :woman_artist:t5:, and binge on true crime documentaries :male_detective:t5:‍♀. Can’t wait to meet you all and help you achieve your language goals! :slight_smile:


Bienvenido, @sadeorejobi :relaxed: Guau has visitado muchos países, ¡qué chévere!


Welcome to the community Sade!

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Muchas gracias Sandra!! :slight_smile:


Thanks so much Larissa!!

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That is so cool! I am wishing you the best of luck and success amiga!

  • Ary (from the 305 as well :grin:)

Muchas gracias amiga! Y bienvenida a ti :blush:


What an interesting and sympathetic introduction post. Have a good start. :+1:

Thanks so much Stefan!! :blush: