Solenne from Switzerland

Hi everyone! :hugs:

My name is Solenne and I’m from the french speaking part of Switzerland :switzerland: (because yes, Switzerland has four official languages being french, german, italian and romansh!) As german being the dominant language, I have studied it for many years and can thus make my way in a basic conversation! Otherwise, I also speak english and spanish.

I am currently living in Córdoba, Argentina :argentina: where I also spent the last part of my undergraduate studies in economics and management last year. I then worked for a few months in a startup in Switzerland but then decided to come back to Córdoba and stay some time here to find a job or any opportunity that’d cross my way :smile:

I really enjoy travelling; discovering new cultures, languages and meeting new people! I also love hiking, running and just being in the peacefulness of nature :sunflower: :herb:

I am more than happy to be part of the Chatterbug community and to be able to share my language and culture with people from all over the world :earth_africa: :raised_hands:

I hope to meet you soon! :sun_with_face:


Welcome to the community, Solenne! :sunflower:


Welcome, Solenne! We are happy to have you onboard :slight_smile:

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Great to have you here! Working at a startup in Switzerland sounds amazing! I hope Argentina as been just as great.