Thomas from Germany

Hallo aus Deutschland!
I am Thomas from and in Germany.
I am an engineer in Chemistry (paints and varnishes) and economics.
I have been MD of a small company producing paints and varnishes for industry and car repair.

I live in Solingen, the centre for cutlery, knives and sabres in the west of Germany, near Cologne.
Solingen is situated in the western state (Bundesland) NorthRhine Westphalia, where 21 million people live.
My languages are french :fr: and english :uk:.

Hope to see you soon.


Hey Thomas, you are very welcome at Chatterbug! Enjoy tutoring!

Bienvenue Thomas ! :wave:

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Hallo Thomas :upside_down_face:
Wish you a good start at Chatterbug and lots of fun tutoring :blush:

Willkommen, Thomas :blush: We are happy to have you here!

Hi SKrausser,
thank you for your welcome! :wave:

Bonjour et merci, Amandine. a très bientôt :wave:

Hallo Bettina2,

many thanks and i already like it :grinning:

Ciao 27sp.sandra,
thanks for your “willkommen”. :wave:

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