Tom from Switzerland/Germany

Hello everyone! :partying_face:

My name is Tom, I come from Basel (Switzerland) and I am currently studying in Mannheim! I am super happy to be a Chatterbug tutor and I can’t wait to meet you all! :smiley: I grew up with four languages so I am super happy to make use of that and to help where I can!

I am studying Business Administration in Mannheim and I mention studying not living because I am part of the International Business Education Alliance which will allow me to study around the World! That’s why I love the big cultural mix that we have here on Chatterbug!

I speak German, French, English, Dutch and Spanish as I kind of grew up with these languages which I am really glad about! :slight_smile: Since I come from Switzerland I might help some of you understanding “Schwiizerdütsch” a bit better. I know it’s not easy but we’ll work it out! :switzerland: :sweat_smile:

And as a good Swiss I obviously am a big Tennis fan so that’s what I do as soon as I have time to get on court! :tennis: (Oh and in Summer I love to kitesurf! :surfing_man:)

A bientôt! Bis bald! Tot ziens! Hasta luego! See you!



Hey Tom! Wow, 4 languages is pretty impressive! We are happy to have you join the Tutor Community! Welcome :slight_smile:

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