Valery from Germany

Hi beautiful Chatterbugs!

I’m Valery, a German-Mexican currently living in the beautiful city of Cologne. I finished my studies here at the university and I am very excited to see where it will take me in the future.
I already taught German, English and Spanish to different students of the world (e.g., in New Zealand and Mexico). Besides my studies I worked as a volunteer in language tutoring and taught German to many people.

I think my friends would describe me as a patient, empathetic and empowering person who loves to laugh and to make jokes. :nerd_face:

I believe Chatterbug is the perfect platform to connect with interesting people from around the world and to share the love of languages. That being said, I know that sometimes it can be hard and frustrating to learn a new language. It was no different while I was learning (and still am) English, Spanish and French. I am still working on improving my French a little more.
I’m currently learning Portuguese because it’s been on my bucket list for a loooooong time.

I’m sure that together we can learn German easily with a lot of fun and success!

Looking forward to having a Life Lesson with you :smile:

Best wishes,


welcome to the platform Valery! Greetings from Baja California!

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Welcome to the Tutor Chatterbug Community @Valery!

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Hi @Valery and welcome to Chatterbug! :slight_smile:


@Lari1108 Thank you! Oh, sweet! Enjoy the wonderful weather for me too please! :grin:
Greetings from cold and windy Cologne!

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Thank you very much @Megan! Can’t wait to get started :smile:

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Hi @JoAnn thank you so much! Really hoping to meet (virtually) you guys somehow soon! :heart_eyes:

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