Victor from france

Bonjour, I am victor, I am a qualified french language tutor currently living and studying in France, i hold a masters in teaching french as a foreign language (FLE)and currently pursuing a second masters in education. I have a track record of success in teaching multicultural groups of learners having worked at Alliance francaise for about 6 years. My teaching philosophy always places the learner at the center of his or her learning experience as a strive to develop the learner’s communication’s skill in the best possible way.Helping learners to learn french has been one of the most rewarding and gratifying experiences of my life as i help them walk through the hurdles of learning a foreign language with all its difficulties and complexities as i myself have experienced having been a learner of a foreign language myself. I would say that i am polyglot owing to the fact that i am a native level speaker of English and french , i speak three African languages fluently and i am currently working on improving my Spanish. In my free time i enjoy playing football, watching movies, reading and listening to good music.


Bonjour, Victor. Desole. Je m’ai manquer ma lecon. J’etait faire une promenade avec mon mari et mon chien. A la prochaine.