Weird video behavior after expansion

ive just started to use your service and I love it. im willing to use it on a daily, but there is something weird about your mobile app. I know also that app is not created for macOS and may cause some bugs on it. btw Im on a M1 MacBook Air, I downloaded your app from App Store.

about the bug; when I start a video then I enlarge it, after that shrink it, the embedded video div shrinks too. if I try it several times it makes itself barely seeable. proof of concept vid is in the video box.


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Thanks a lot for reporting @bulsen :pray: !

We’ll pass on to our engineers.

Have fun using Streams :grinning: !

Hi @bulsen !

Here are some more explanations : unfortunately, we don’t support desktops computer nor laptop for now, only mobile devices :iphone:. Sorry for that !

Viel Spaß beim Lernen !

Hi, thank you for your explanations :slight_smile:

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That seems like a big problem, I hope they get onto it.
It seems that there are multiple little bugs, for instance I was waiting for a French stream to start being filmed today 1/9/22 typing in the chat section on the topic ‘chaussures’ The prof @Amandine joined in, but there was still " Soon" at the top of the chat page so I missed the whole Live Lesson! It was good actually, we students shared vocab and opinions autonomously beforehand, and then I worked through the stream after the recording. I felt a bit silly, and I do think there should be a warning that the class is starting but well perhaps we should ask for student chat always to be open before but then a clear notice in the chat “LESSON ON”. “Le stream se commence tout de suite” or whatever. Obviously we can’t rely on tech for that.

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Oh non @pennybug !! :see_no_evil: Indeed it happens sometimes that students get stuck in the chat, but normally the streamer notices this (because there are messages like "where is Amandine? ", “has the stream started ?” etc) and suggest them to leave the stream and come back !
But as you were participating on the theme I didn’t realize that you didn’t see me (and I even interacted with you!). 🫣

Thanks for responding simply because I mentioned you. Not your fault at all of course and I found it very funny and typical of me. There are many traps for the unwary online.

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I did see you but I thought you were democratically letting the conversation run. Indeed, it was very educational, especially when users reported vocab from the lesson that I hadn’t realised was running. Hilarious!!

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Hahahaha !! I was indeed a bit surprised that you ask me to tell you more about the ‘richelieus’ right after I said all I knew about them! :rofl: