Why do you learn French?

Bonjour French learners :slight_smile:

I was wondering what were the reasons you guys started to learn French? And also, I am curious to know what you are enjoying the most about the French language?

(got it?)


I started learning French for a variety of reasons:

  • Because it was offered at my school and the teacher was great.
  • Because my mother tongue is Spanish, so I wanted to learn another romance language.
  • Because I love the way it sounds! Specially when you hear little children speaking it, there’s nothing cuter than that! At school we actually started speaking like that sometimes, it made it funnier :rofl:
  • Because I love greeting my colleagues by saying: Bonjour, les meufs. :upside_down_face:
  • Because it’s so elegant, just look at this way of expressing exasperation:

I would love to be the person who says that! Always :heart_eyes:.
What about the others? What other elegant French expressions made you want to study French?


And no, I didn’t get it, @Laurena :frowning:.

Merci @stefanierambow for your answers :slight_smile: I never realised that in English you say “Romance languages” (for the languages coming from Latin). In French “une romance” is… a love story haha! :heart_eyes:

Ps: for the rebus, you need to think about the name of the picture in English :wink:

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