Xiomara from Honduras 🇭🇳 💃🏻

About me: :llama:

Hello everyone, I’m Xiomara Hernández and I’m from Honduras. :honduras: I am 26 years old and I have been teaching languages since I was 18. I love teaching languages because it is a way to exchange culture and meet new people. :earth_americas:

Five things about my personality: :woman_cartwheeling:t3:
:catbee: I am kind.
:catbee: I am punctual.
:catbee: I am patient.
:catbee: I am fun.
:catbee: I am energetic.

Hobbies: :happyllama:

In my free time, I love dancing because it is a way to release stress. I literally dance everything: bachata, merengue, salsa, a little bit of reggaeton, and “punta,” which is a dance originated from the Garifuna people (an ethnic group from Honduras) :dancer:t3:. I also enjoy spending time with my friends and family :couple:, traveling :airplane:, taking pictures :camera_flash:, playing volleyball :volleyball:, listening to different types of music :headphones:, reading romantic books :books:, baking :bread:, and volunteering :heart:.

Languages: :speaking_head:
:es: I am a native Spanish speaker. I love Spanish because it is the official language in many countries in Latin America, and a word can be expressed in different ways.

Just take a look at this example:
The different ways to say “friend” (amigo) or to get someone’s attention in different countries:
:imma_star: Honduras: ¡maje!, compa, or alero.
:imma_star: Mexico: cuate.
:imma_star: Chile: weón.
:imma_star: Argentina: pibe.
:imma_star: Colombia: parce.

:it: :pizza: I also speak Italian because I studied it at university, and my Master’s degree is in Italian.

:statue_of_liberty: Last but not least, I can speak a little bit of English. So, if you, as my student, don’t understand something in Spanish, I can provide you with examples in English as much as you need.

Teaching: :woman_teacher:t4:
My approach to teaching can be summarized as the way I would have preferred to be taught. I believe that making mistakes is a good way to learn, so feel free to make them with me.

Nice to meet you! :sparkling_heart:


¡Hola, @Xiohh !

Nice to meet you :grinning: and welcome to Chatterbug :catbee: !

Wow, incredible, I didn’t know there were so many words to say “friend” :star_struck: !

Have fun tutoring and feel free to ask if you have any question :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: !

A bientôt :clap: !


¡Hey, Leocadie!

Thank you :slight_smile:
You are so kind :heart:

My pleasure,