Hi, I’m Neil and I love language learning!

I learned German with Chatterbug starting in October 2017 and completed Level 4.9 in November 2018. I also dove in on the Spanish & French courses, which are awesome too!

Right now my focus is on Swedish & Japanese, so I’m off wandering in other lands, but I’ll probably be back if Chatterbug starts offering any of the other languages on my very long to-learn list.

For now, I’m happy to discuss with other learners on these forums about my experiences in language learning.

I also love going to language related events like Polyglot Gathering, LangFest, & Polyglot Conference. If you see me at any of those or just in the street, do stop me to say hello! I love connecting with other language nerds!

Feel free to ping me if you have any questions for me or would just like to chat.