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To do and to go I

You're very busy during the week. Not only your work life is demanding but in your spare time you are also an occupied person.
How did you guess?
And you probably want to say things like:
Du lundi au vendredi je vais au travail à 7h30.
From Monday to Friday, I go to work at 7:30.
Le lundi soir je fais de la natation.
On Monday evenings, I go swimming.
Le mardi soir tu vas au cinéma avec ta femme.
On Tuesday evenings, you go to the cinema with your wife.
Et le mercredi ? Tu fais du tennis ?
And on Wednesday afternoons? Do you play tennis?
faireto do
allerto go
faire de la natation ⇒ Literally: "to do swimming" and not "to go swimming".
faire du tennis ⇒ Literally: "to do tennis" and not "to play tennis".
Let's have a look at the table below then go straight ahead with the practice.