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The past tense with avoir

Bonjour ! How was your weekend?
Oh, it was great. Some friend came to visit me. We went boat sightseeing on La Seine and...
That sounds great! So I suppose you're entirely prepared for today's topic: Le passé composé! You'll find this form quite familiar, let's take a look!
I was telling you about my weekend and you interrupted me to talk about grammar?
No, no. Later you will tell me about it... in French! ;)
I have (got).J'ai.
I have done.J'ai fait.
"Le weekend dernier... " (Last weekend...)
J'aijoué de la guitare.
Tuasdormi chez ma grand-mère.
Il/Elleaperdu mon porte-monnaie.
Nousavonstravaillé un peu.
Vousavezfait une réservation.
Ils/Ellesontacheté une maison.
Do I have to memorize all these participles now too?
Not all of them, just the irregular ones :) For the rest, just learn this:
jouer, travailler, acheter...joué, travaillé, acheté...
dormir, sortir, réussir... dormi, sorti, réussi...
rendre, perdre, vendre...rendu, perdu, vendu...
More for grammar geeks:
AVOIR is an auxiliary or helping verb here. It helps the participles (participe passé) construct the past tense. In some cases, we use the auxiliary ÊTRE for the passé composé, but we will come back to that later.