Imagine you are standing in front of the huge array of products in the refrigerated isle at the grocery store and are struggling with the decision of which yogurt/cheese/... we should choose.
Mmmmhhh cheese, my favorite!
This doesn't just happen at the supermarket. We always need to make decisions in our everyday lives. Fortunately, we have our friends, family or colleagues who we can ask.
Which/What country do you recommend for holidays?
Which/What route should I take today to go back home?
Which/What yoga school is the best one?
All these questions...
While in English we always use the unchangeable interrogative pronouns which/what, in French we have more variety. As we have seen with the adjectives, the interrogative (=question) pronoun quel changes as well, depending on the word it is referring to. Observe:
Quelles sont les fleurs préférées de ma mère ?
Which flowers are my mother's favorites?
Je ne sais pas quels vêtements mettre dans ma valise.
I don't know which clothes I should put in my bag.
Quel plat dois-je préparer pour le dîner ?
What dish should I prepare for dinner?
Je ne sais pas quelle chemise porter pour le concert.
I don't know which shirt I should wear to the concert.
Two for masculine and two for feminine?
That's right! Have a look at the following table.
quel plat?
quelle chemise?
quels vêtements?
quelles fleurs?
I ask a lot of questions, so I'll probably need these a lot...
Practice makes perfect!