German Grammar Explained /

Plural Endings

One thing that I find exasperating about German is the number of ways to form plurals.
Even though there seem to be no rules, I will show you it is not as bad as it seems. Let's take a look at them.
1. International words (from English, French, Latin,...)
der Chef
die Chefs
das Auto
die Autos
die Kamera
die Kameras
2. Words with the ending -en und -er
der Lehrer
die Lehrer
der Arbeiter
die Arbeiter
das Mädchen
die Mädchen
3. Feminine words
die Blume
die Blumen
die Kundin
die Kunden
die Lampe
die Lampen
die Lehrerin
die Lehrerinnen
4. Words with the root vowels -a- /-o- /-u- need an Umlaut
der Sohn
die Söhne
der Stuhl
die Stühle
das Buch
die Bücher
das Wort
die Wörter
5. Approximately 80% of masculine and neuter words
der Tag
die Tage
das Pferd
die Pferde
das Dokument
die Dokumente you really expect me to feel better now?
Well, I didn't invent the German language. You'll get used to it... plurals will start to sound right or wrong at some point. Have faith!