German Grammar Explained /

Plural Endings

One thing that I find exasperating about German is the number of ways to form plurals.
Even though there seem to be no rules, I will show you it is not as bad as it seems. Let's take a look at them.
1. International words (from English, French, Latin,...)
der Chefdie Chefs
das Autodie Autos
die Kameradie Kameras
2. Words with the ending -en und -er
der Lehrerdie Lehrer
der Arbeiterdie Arbeiter
das Mädchendie Mädchen
3. Feminine words
die Blumedie Blumen
der Kundedie Kunden
die Lampedie Lampen
die Lehrerindie Lehrerinnen
4. Words with the root vowels -a- /-o- /-u- need an Umlaut
der Sohndie Söhne
der Stuhldie Stühle
das Buchdie Bücher
das Wortdie Wörter
5. Approximately 80% of masculine and neuter words
der Tagdie Tage
das Pferddie Pferde
das Dokumentdie Dokumente you really expect me to feel better now?
Well, I didn't invent the German language. You'll get used to it... plurals will start to sound right or wrong at some point. Have faith!