16.12.20: Holiday Special

It’s dark and freezing outside, you just want to snuggle up on your sofa and drink some hot cocoa. But what if we told there are other possibilities during winter? What are some winter activities? What are your top 5 things to survive winter in Europe? Stay tuned to practice some very useful vocabulary and phrases with Sarah and Lauréna, and learn about their top 5’s.


Love such kind of vocabulary! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
And the template looks so cute and well-organised! :ok_hand:t4:


It’s really nice with the little images next to it! Awesome way to learn vocabulary with visuals! :slight_smile:


We are looking forward to seeing you all today at 17:00 CET at this Holiday Special of Chatterbug Live - Survival Deutsch!

Follow this link to join!!

See you later!

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