26.10 Nationalfeiertag Österreich (National holiday)

Happy Holiday from Vienna, Austria,

I thought that I should share a little of history on this day. In German of course :smiley: :

Der österreichische Nationalfeiertag wird seit 1965 jährlich am 26. Oktober begangen, dem Tag, an dem 1955 die beschlossene [österreichische Neutralität] ab. 1967 wurde er den übrigen gesetzlichen [Feiertagen in Österreich] gleichgestellt und ist seither arbeitsfrei.

I got this from Wikipedia and here is the English translation:

The Austrian ** National Holiday ** has been celebrated annually since 1965 on October 26th, the day on which in 1955 the [Austrian neutrality] was decided. In 1967 he was put on an equal with the other [public holidays in Austria] and the day has been free of work ever since.

It’s not our Independence Day as many would suspect! So basically, we get a day off, because 65 years ago Austria became a politically neutral country. :smiley: :partying_face:

Happy Holiday!!! :dancing_women: :partying_face: :dancing_women: