9.12.20: Akkusativ oder Dativ? - Wechselpräpositionen

This time we’ll take a closer look at the differences between Akkusativ and Dativ! „Ich gehe in die Apotheke.“ But: „Ich bin in der Apotheke.“ But why? Don’t worry, Sarah and Lauréna will help you navigate through the famous „Wechselpräpositionen“, the ones that change depending on whether you are somewhere or you’re going somewhere. Stay tuned!

Watch the episode here!


These images are so great! Highly recommend saving, printing, and putting it up on your fridge or around your desk!

Great work @stefanierambow @Sarah.Malmberg @cloecrettaz and @hballent!!


Thank you very much for this great slides to download! It makes it a lot more easy for the students to understand this very difficult topic!
I think you should let the students know in the selfstudy part, that there exists great material about Dativ, Akkusativ etc. in this section. Most of the time students are not aware of it…

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