A love letter to Chatterbug's graphic designers

I’ve hesitated to post this for several days, but what the heck: I want to share my unbridled enthusiasm for Chatterbug’s UI right here.

I don’t know who Chatterbug’s designers are, but they deserve a raise. The characters and designs they’ve created just deliver so much joy to the viewer! And I know I’m not the only one: my kids will often look over my shoulder while I’m studying and laugh or give an awwww!

My daughter is currently studying Russian on another service – one that is the acknowledged giant in the US language-learning space – and the UI is so…meh. So uninspiring. So depressing.

Then I turn back to my French lessons in Chatterbug. The characters obviously steal the show - they are so engaging and humorous; their animated actions so memorable - but the entire UI is so pleasant. It strikes a perfect balance between approachable and highly usable. It has personality; it has a point of view. And I for one love it.

So thank you, anonymous designers and creators. I don’t know if you get a lot of direct feedback or a just little, but know that you many have raving fans like me out there.


Dear @mgm, what a beautiful love letter for our graphic designers Cloé, Elvis and Helena :heart_eyes:. I’m sure they are going to be happy to see how much our students love what they do. I completely agree with you, in fact that is one of the reasons why I started studying German with Chatterbug :blush:.

Pd: By the way, here you can meet our whole team :wink:.

Have a nice day :sun_with_face: :happyllama:!


Hello @mgm! What a nice compliment! I really appreciate that you take the time to share that lovely letter ; )) We are really glad to hear that from you. Thanks a lot!!


@mgm I agree! That’s why our Pinterest page makes me so happy! :heart:


I would love to second this “Love Letter”!

A big part of the reason why I signed up with Chatterbug was because of the colors and characters which makes learning so much more fun! The way in which the platform has been laid out is totally unique and keeps the attention of the user! :star_struck:


I would like to second that too! I’m so impressed by the thousands of amazing graphics you provide! That makes teaching and learning a language so much more fun! :clap:t5:


How amazing, I didn’t even know Chatterbug had a Pinterest page. Thanks for sharing. There is so much more to explore, I will let all my students know too. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you so much to take the time to share your appreciation @mgm, I felt a lot of joy when I read your love letter. It is great to know people are appreciating the work we’ve been putting our hearts into for the past years. Much love back to you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I couldn’t agree more! Everything is so engaging. The whole platform is awesome! Thanks for the great job. :heart_eyes: :star_struck: