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I like the idea of the Streams app.
Here’s what I like about it:

  1. The possibility to filter streams according to their level
  2. The interactivity of streams (quizzes) so you actually pay more attention.

I’ve got also a few ideas for consideration:

  1. An option to filter/sort streams according to their duration and filter out already seen streams.
  2. An option to see all streams created by a particular creator or filter/search by a creator.
  3. A preview page with info about the topic of a stream and what grammar concepts are discussed in it. It’d also be helpful to see names of the units in the curriculum that are connected with the stream.

All in all my experience with the app has been pretty good so far.


Hey @marunyash, thanks for the feedback! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying Streams so far.

Three great ideas there - duly noted :sunglasses:


I find my self so much more drawn to use my German study time with the live lessons rather than the streams. Perhaps this is intended as a alternative? The subject matter of the videos hasn’t really pulled me in much. But as far as learning and being helpful I found the videos to be really good. I would love maybe some more edgy, modern, or controversial topics, stuff that we are likely to speak with our friends about. With the German elections coming up this year is could be a great opportunity to dive into some important societal issues. One of the two people making videos for my level speaks very clearly and not too fast. She also explains words sometimes that she rightly assumes I didn’t know or understand. Would be nice to have a few more speakers.

Also maybe I missed it. But is there a subtitle option?

Thank you Stream Team!


Hey Lenny,

Thanks for your thoughts - that’s all great to hear.

We don’t see Streams as a direct replacement for Live Lessons; rather as a more passive and approachable (yet still human) learning method for students who may not be quite confident enough yet for Live Lessons (they can be scary!). We think Streams also makes a great complimentary practice for those taking Live Lessons, and we have lots of plans for integrating the two.

Re. more edgy topics - noted!



I’ve got some more details to add. I like that content creators are so different and streams vary in how information is presented. However, there are also some moments I wish were adressed.

  1. When a content creator demonstrates a video on their mobile phone/laptop in their stream, it can be not loud enough.
  2. The size of the area one can click to bookmark a stream is not big enough. On a tablet I have no problem at all, but on a mobile phone it can be an issue as there’s always a risk that you will play a stream instead of saving it for later.
  3. I really miss a separate page for saved streams. It’s more a matter of personal taste so it’s not a big issue and one can simply get used to it.
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Hey @marunyash, thanks for keeping the feedback flowing!

  1. Very good point - we’re not satisfied with this either. While it’s pretty complicated, we’re hoping to be able to integrate external media / content into the stream itself, so that the streamer no longer has to rely on a physical device to do so.

  2. Noted. We’ll try to think of a way to make this more ‘clickable’.

  3. Currently streams save to a separate list at the top of the home screen, but I’m assuming you’d prefer it if these were accessible from somewhere else entirely: perhaps in the ‘profile’ tab. That’s an interesting point of view and something we will discuss.