Add subtitles to live streams

I would like to see subtitles while watching lessons, or at least to have the option available! Subtitles would also enable Deaf and Hard of Hearing people to use the app.

I understand professional subtitling may be costly for live streams, however I imagine it should be feasible and cost effective to add subtitles to historical streams.


Oh it’s a very good idea, thank you for sharing @baileybailey!
Indeed there are several elements to take into account! I’m in charge of subtitling the media in French (for the self-study part of Chatterbug) and you’re right: it takes a lot of time! Considering the number of Streams per day (in four languages) I can’t imagine the hours of subtitling! :scream:
But you’re right, it could be nice to do it on the replay :+1: :slight_smile:
For now, streamers produce bilingual or immersive content and only certain difficult or interesting words or phrases are written on the slides… But there is also the possibility for the viewers to ask questions in the chat (for example about the spelling of a word!) :nerd_face:


Hi @baileybailey,

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your feedback with us. You make a great suggestion about having subtitles for our Streams in the interest of accessibility for all language learners.

As you noted, since our Streams are recorded live, creating subtitles in real-time is extra-challenging! However, adding subtitles to Streams saved in our library isn’t impossible. We will definitely note this as an important feature to consider as we continue to develop our product.

Thank you!

Community Mangaer


Hello @baileybailey, thanks for the suggestion. I agree that this would be pretty cool and it would be nice for searching through the videos too. I’ve looked into trying to automate this to some degree, the way that YouTube does for example, but it’s almost impossible for a lot of our streams because many of them are in two languages. None of the speech to text engines will handle more than one language at a time, so that means we need to have humans do it, which is very very expensive.

We could run the single language ones (mostly at the B levels) through automated engines, but then again there will only be some of the videos subtitled.

It’s a great idea though and we’ll try to figure something out.



@schacon the one and only Scott Chacon has entered the chat! I must admit I’m a big fan of Github, which I know you helped develop and improve. I’ m doing a PhD and use it pretty oftenin my daily programming tasks.
Great job with Chatterbug btw! I have been using it for more than a month and cannot be more satisfied.