Adding new words in Flashcards Optional


I think it would be useful to decide wether to add new words to the Flashcard exercise or not.
Everytime i use the flashcards new words are added (3-4 words). I have been using this feature daily (several times) for the last 2 months and now I find it difficult to remember old words, so adding new words every time does not really help with that.
I would rather have the option whether I want new words to be added (probably once I have mastered the current ones) or just review the ones I already have but are not mastered yet without adding new ones.
Of course, this is just a constructive feedback based in my experience so far.



Hi @pedrogalher!

Chatterbug follows the “Spaced Repetition Method” when it comes to vocab. It has proved to be quite effective and it seems to be the most successful learning method when it comes to humans and other great apes. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately failing is part of the game here and we have to fail quite often (as in not remembering the translation of this verb for the 32nd time!) to finally get it in our head… :dizzy_face:
I always try to embrace it when I don’t get a word right. I know, easier said, than done… :sweat_smile: But I guess it’s part of the learning progress.

For me, it helps to learn in chunks when it comes to vocabulary. When I put a word in a sentence it’s much easier to remember somehow. I also like to write some sentences (new words included) down in my notebook after a flashcard-session. But I guess everybody has their own preferences.

Here’s a link to a blogpost about chatterbug’s method.

There’s also the possibility to change the card status of a flashcard, but I’m not sure if that is what you are asking for.

Click the little cogwheel in the upper corner:

and then change its status accordingly (remove it):

Was that what you are looking for?


Hi @Toby, thanks for the detailed answer. It was really clarifying :slight_smile:

I actually never noticed the little wheel on the top. I will use it definitively.


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