Adding verbs conjugation to 'view card'/review explanation

I would like to suggest adding verbs to ‘view card’/review explanation when you’ve made a mistake so you can see why you’ve made that mistake and learn from that.

For example, I knew the verb was hacer (to do) but not the conjugation:

I would have been very helpful to see the explanation about the verb, hacer:
I - hago
tú - haces
él/ella/ud. - hace
nosotros - hacemos
vosotros - haceís
ellos/ellas/uds. - hacen

Or a list of verbs on your course page so you can check it out and practice after the exercise. Especially helpful for the verbs which are changing like dormir - duermo etc.


Thank you for the suggestion @GM247 !! I will make sure our Team will check up on this!
Happy studying!


Thank you so much, so far so good.

As example shown here, the review explanation is there. Instead of some model verb explanation I would have found it more helpful to read about the verb: merendar.

Thanks for considering.