Alicia from Spain :)

Note. For all my lovely students: in the next couple of weeks I won’t be as available as I usually am. I apologise !

Hello everyone!

I’m Alicia from Madrid and I’m back in the Chatterbug world to help those who want to learn Spanish :slight_smile:

Two years ago I was already tutoring in chatterbug and now I have decided to come back as teaching is one of my great passions.

My native language is Spanish and German as I was born in Germany but grew up in Spain.

I am a qualified teacher of geography, history and languages so I love languages, discovering different cultures and meeting people from all over the world!

I also speak english and used to teach spanish to german and english speakers back in Berlin.

I can’t wait to start chatterbug again ! :slight_smile:

Un saludo a tod@s!

Alicia :slight_smile:


Welcome back, Alicia!

Hallo Alicia wie komme ich in die Stunde zurück?

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Hey! Ich komme leider auch nicht zurück in die Lesson. Ich habe eine Nachricht an Support geschrieben, vll kannst du später wieder eine Live Lesson buchen :slight_smile:

Lo siento! Espero que podamos tener nuestra Live Lesson pronto!

Un saludo :slight_smile: