Alicia from Spain :)

Hello everyone!

I’m Alicia from Madrid and I’m back in the Chatterbug world to help those who want to learn Spanish :slight_smile:

Two years ago I was already tutoring in chatterbug and now I have decided to come back as teaching is one of my great passions.

My native language is Spanish and German as I was born in Germany but grew up in Spain.

I am a qualified teacher of geography, history and languages so I love languages, discovering different cultures and meeting people from all over the world!

I also speak english and used to teach spanish to german and english speakers back in Berlin.

I can’t wait to start chatterbug again ! :slight_smile:

Un saludo a tod@s!

Alicia :slight_smile:


Welcome back, Alicia!

Hallo Alicia wie komme ich in die Stunde zurück?

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Hey! Ich komme leider auch nicht zurück in die Lesson. Ich habe eine Nachricht an Support geschrieben, vll kannst du später wieder eine Live Lesson buchen :slight_smile:

Lo siento! Espero que podamos tener nuestra Live Lesson pronto!

Un saludo :slight_smile:

Hello, are you still tutoring here?

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Hi @Hadassa83 !!

Yes! I am still tutoring :slight_smile:

You can check my schedule by clicking on my profile, if you have any questions let me know !

Hasta pronto!

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Hi all!!

I will be on holidays next week (or actually Stay-Holidays), so I won’t have as many hours available! I will be back full time after next week, looking forward :slight_smile:


Hi, when are you going to be back with tutoring?:slightly_smiling_face:

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I will be back next week! Qué tal tu experiencia en Barcelona??

See you soon!

Mi experiencia en Barcelona era increíble! Te contaré todo sobre ella cuando termine una lección contigo la semana que viene :blush:

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Hi, are you back yet? It says you don’t have availability for lessons :slightly_frowning_face:

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Hi @Martinab I am back finally! It has been a looong month trying to sort things out in this new city, but I am finally back :slight_smile:

You see one of these days.


So sorry! I didn’t mean to click the end button :sob: :rofl: see you next time and I hope you have a genial semana!

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