Alison from Britain/Germany

Hello, my name is Alison and I live in Germany and have been teaching English for the past fourteen years. I was born in London to a Welsh family and grew up in Herefordshire, a county on the Welsh border. I trained as a classical ballet dancer and spent fifteen years dancing around theatres in Germany and Austria before getting married and having three wonderful children.
For the past 28 years I have been writing reviews for Dance Europe, a bi-monthly dance magazine that covers ballet and contemporary productions from all over Europe and beyond. I also used to work in the German school system looking after students in the after school clubs helping them with their English and French homework. I enjoy reading, walking, theatre and art, in fact anything cultural interests me, and of course languages!


Welcome to the Chatterbug Tutor Community @AlisonM, we are happy to have you onboard! :slight_smile:

Thank you for having me, look forward to getting started.


Dear Alison
A really big sorry for today. I am feeling so bad that the live lesson today do not have worked. I do not know why but I will try to found out. You are a such a good teacher and you have help me very much to improve my english in the last two weeks. I hope that you will be also in the future my tutor because I can learn very much from you. I hope that the program will work the next time and hope that you will be my tutor there.
A really good sorry for today
and the best wishes for the best tutor ever


Dear Luisa,
Please don‘t worry about it, I have sent a message to the team explaining what happened and asked what the trouble was and how we can sort it out but I won‘t get an answer until Monday. I‘ll be very happy to tutor you again so hopefully it will work out for a time next week. Have a good weekend and see you soon. Best wishes, Alison


Hallo Alison, here is a note to the reader. I‘ll use the example in our lesson tomorrow.

Hy Alison,
we will meet on Friday. I’m looking forward to our live lesson. It’s a pleasure to learn with a classical ballet dancer. My husband and I are great Opera fans. I love “La Traviata”, my husbands favorite opera is “Il barbiere di Sevilla”. We saw this opera on his 50th birthday in Scala in Milano Italy. It was amazing. The season 2020/2021 should be our first ballet season but Corona kills all our phantastic plans.
Have a good time and stay safe!

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Thank you Klaus, Schauspieler, your next profession! Well done!

Liebe Alison
ein großes Sorry für heute. Es tut so leid, dass die Live-Lektion heute nicht funktioniert hat. Ich hatte kein Internet und wo es dann endlich wieder ging was das Zeitfenster geschlossen und ich konnte mich nicht mehr einwählen.

Ein wirklich gutes Sorry für heute

Liebe Natalie, kein Problem, ist nicht schlimm, mach‘ dir keine Sorgen. Wir sehen uns nächste Woche. Liebe Grüße