Altair, a Venezuelan girl in Berlin

Hola, everbody! My name is Altair and I’m one of the streamers here at Chatterbug. Nice to meet you. :relaxed:
I’m going to be your ally in your Spanish learning journey and I promise you, it’ll be as fun as it will be interesting.

As you can read in the title, I’m from Venezuela, where I lived all my life until I moved to Berlin in 2018 to study a Masters in Filmmaking. Ever since I graduated, I’ve been working as a director and writer, and now also as a streamer.

Yes, cinema is a big part of my life, but so is music and I try to give both all the time and attention they deserve, and that’s why my streams will include one or the other, and sometime even both simultaneously. So if you are movie buff and/or a music lover then we’ll have extra fun.

I know learning a new language can be scary. Actually, when I was a kid, I didn’t want to learn English AT ALL! I kept saying to myself that it was impossible and that I would never make it. And now not only do I make a living writing in English, but I also speak German and even a little bit of French. So, I’m very excited to help you discover how wider the world gets once you speak more than just your mother tongue :wink:

So congratulations on making your first step by joining Chatterbug Streams! :partying_face:
And I hope to see you in a live stream soon! :smiley:


Hi @Altair,

another wow :sunglasses:for your profile and welcome to the community :wave:
Where in Berlin do you live?

Tschüssi from Berlin-Wedding,


Hola, Altair :relaxed: ¡Bienvenida! Nos alegra tenerte en el equipo :happyllama:. Te entiendo total, a veces pensamos que un nuevo idioma es casi imposible y luego la vida da muchas vueltas :crazy_face:.


Hi Altair,

nice to meet you :wink:

Best, Doris

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Hi, Melanie! I live in Friedenau! :smiley:

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Hahahahaha… exacto. :blush:


Nice to meet you too, Doris! :relaxed:

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Great pictures, @Altair! Thanks for sharing your profile. :smiley:


Cool :sunglasses: Friedenau is nicer than Wedding :wink:

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Bienvenida @Altair! It looks like you’ll have a lot to teach us! :hugs:


Welcome, I love your profile. You are really raising the bar. New ideas for interesting profiles. I will have to go back to the drawing board :smiley: