Amanda aus den 🇺🇸

Hallo leute,
Ich bin Amanda. Ich bin Amerikanerin :us: aber wohne seit drei Jahren in Berlin :de: . Deswegen bin ich hierher gekommen, als Studentin. Ich arbeite auch bei Chatterbug als Tutorin seit letzten Sommer (Englisch fur Spanisch), und ich bin sehr froh, dass wir jetzt mit English fur Deutschen anfangen. Ich spreche normalerweise nur Englisch beim unterrichten (aber ihr konnt mich naturlich etwas fragen, wann ihr wollt), deswegen stelle ich mich vor auf Englisch:

Hello everyone!
My name is Amanda and I started here as a Chatterbug student. I am an unlimited Chatterbug subscriber, and I began working for Chatterbug to help fund my travels. I have been living abroad for about 9 years now, currently finishing my MA in Germany. That’s why I’m learning German :de: , my fifth language. I also speak :tr: (very useful in Berlin), :kr: (which is unfortunately not getting much use), and :es:, which I learned in :chile: and in school. Now that Chatterbug has French :fr:, I have begun that as well and that’s number six! I was an English teacher in schools (elementary and middle school) before going back to school myself, and I began teaching online about 3 years ago. In total, I have been teaching for about 10 years, and I absolutely love helping others learn to love languages as much as I do!


Hi Amanda, Welcome and thanks for your first post.
I come from Chile :chile: And now I live and work in Germany. Still learning the language. I hope when I feel confident with German, I could improve my Italian and Portuguese, but so far, here in Chatterbug I could go for French.
Good luck in Berlin!


Thanks! De donde en Chile? Vivi medio año en Santiago, Ñuñoa. Y vives ahora en Berlin?

You are very welcome.
Nací en Arica, muy al norte de Chile, luego viví en Iquique (desde los 10 a los 18 años). Me fui a estudiar a Santiago y viví allí por cerca de 20 años.
Acá en Alemania vivo en Unkel, en el Rhein, cerca de Bonn.

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Hallo MissAmanda,
I booked for tomorrow a life lesson with you and I am looking very forward. I was born in Berlin and lived there for 42 years until 2013. I came from Spandau. Where do you live?
All the best see you tomorrow!

Hi Daniela,
I live in Berlin Charlottenburg, near the palace. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow!


Hallo Amanda,
thank you for this helpfully nice life lesson. Perhaps you say nice helpfully, but I am sure you would say first nice blue life lesson. But is a life lesson blue or orange?
Good night, stay safe