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Bonjour à tous !

Je suis Amandine, j’ai grandi en région parisienne mais j’ai vécu en Angleterre, en Ecosse, en Allemagne (où j’ai commencé à travailler comme tutrice pour Chatterbug :catbee: en juin 2018 !) et en Espagne. J’ai quitté Barcelone en septembre et j’habite maintenant à Nantes, en Bretagne !
J’ai un master de professeure des écoles et l’enseignement est une de mes passions, avec le théâtre :performing_arts: et la nourriture :spaghetti: :cupcake: !! Pendant mon temps libre, j’aime aussi faire des randonnées dans la nature, écouter de la musique et chanter.
J’aime accompagner les étudiants dans leurs apprentissages (vous pouvez me poser toutes les questions que vous avez sur la langue et la culture française !) et j’adore voir leur progression sur quelques semaines ou mois. J’apprécie particulièrement les exercices sous forme de jeux de rôle, ainsi que les exercices plus personnels qui me permettent d’en apprendre un peu plus sur vos cultures ! Je suis très curieuse, je dois l’avouer, mais je partage aussi mes histoires avec plaisir !
En parallèle du tutorat, je suis également en charge de la création des readings :pencil2: et des médias :movie_camera: qui illustrent les leçons : je connais donc parfaitement le curriculum de français chez Chatterbug. :wink:

I am Amandine, I grew up in the Paris region but I have lived in England, Scotland, Germany (where I started working as a tutor for Chatterbug :catbee: in June 2018!), and Spain. I left Barcelona in September and I now live in Nantes in Brittany.
I have a master’s degree as a school teacher and teaching is one of my passions, along with theatre :performing_arts: and food :pretzel: :chocolate_bar: ! In my free time, I also like to hike in nature, listen to music and sing.
I love doing the role-playing games in the live lessons, and the more personal exercises that allow me to learn a little more about your cultures! I am very curious, I must admit, but I also like to share my stories in return! :upside_down_face: I love to see the progress of the students over a few weeks or months.
In addition to tutoring, I am also in charge of creating the readings :pencil2: and media :movie_camera: that illustrate the lessons, so I am perfectly familiar with the French curriculum at Chatterbug.
à bientôt !


hi im husam and im from Libya

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Bonjour Husam and welcome to Chatterbug !

Bonjour Amandine! :slight_smile:

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Bonjour @Nadael ! :hugs:
Ahmed told me that you were looking for some movies recommendations :film_projector:, I just looked at the list of French movies on Netflix (I’m not sure if they are available in Canada though…) and most of them are not very interesting comedies haha!
But there is “le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain” that we talked about last time! With the same actress, “L’écume des jours” is very good too, sad but very poetic and original (the director really has a particular style!). :cherry_blossom:
If you are more of a thriller, I recommend "Ne le dis à personne", captivating ! :male_detective:
And if you want to go in small doses, you could start the series "Dix pour cent", the story of a casting agency, it’s both funny and interesting ! :star_struck:

If you’re not interested in any of them, tell me which style you prefer and I’ll recommend something else! :upside_down_face:
(you could also find some interesting stuff in this post : French movies to watch )


little update: :dizzy: Dears Students, I’ve reduced a bit my tutoring hours because I’m devoting time to the new Chatterbug project: Streams. :catbee: But don’t worry: if we see each other less during live lessons, you can now see me in live videos (and interact with me in the Streams chat!) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: