Andreas from Germany

Hello everyone,

I am Andreas von Pronay, native German, living in :de:and - I guess - I am one of the senior tutors (if not the most senior tutor:wink:) at Chatterbug tutoring the German language.

Having studied English, German and Pedagogics I used to work as a teacher and principal for more than 35 years. After my retirement, I started as a freelancer proofreading German texts and translating English books, articles and websites.

Since 3/2017, I am tutoring here at Chatterbug – and I like this very much! I enjoy working with students from all over the world – up to now more than 168 students (some of them I would even call a friend now) and 554 lesson hours. What I love about Chatterbug and the students is the fact that the language topics partly lead to a pretty personal exchange of opinions and experiences and I really encourage you to take part in this wonderful conversational way of learning a language -and congratulations:clap: if you already are part of it.

One of my favorite hobbies is traveling, esp. to the :us:, since one of my sons lives in Alaska. There I made my PPL, Private Pilot License, enjoying being in the air. Flying a little :small_airplane:from AK to Florida was a special highlight for me.

I am looking forward to meeting you and sharing the fun of learning a new language with you.



Wow @Andreas! I didn’t know you are a pilot, too. That’s really interesting.

Thanks Janina, if you are interested: I have published a book about my trip on Amazon as an ebook and a printed version in English and German :Warum eigentlich nicht?/ Why not just do it?