Andreas from Germany

Hello everyone,

I am Andreas von Pronay, native German, living in :de:and - I guess - I am one of the senior tutors (if not the most senior tutor:wink:) at Chatterbug tutoring the German language.

Having studied English, German and Pedagogics I used to work as a teacher and principal for more than 35 years. After my retirement, I started as a freelancer proofreading German texts and translating English books, articles and websites.

Since 3/2017, I am tutoring here at Chatterbug – and I like this very much! I enjoy working with students from all over the world – up to now more than 250 students (some of them I would even call a friend now) and 870 lesson hours. What I love about Chatterbug and the students is the fact that the language topics partly lead to a pretty personal exchange of opinions and experiences and I really encourage you to take part in this wonderful conversational way of learning a language -and congratulations:clap: if you already are part of it.

One of my favorite hobbies is traveling, esp. to the :us:, since one of my sons lives in Alaska. There I made my PPL, Private Pilot License, enjoying being in the air. Flying a little :small_airplane:from AK to Florida was a special highlight for me.

I am looking forward to meeting you and sharing the fun of learning a new language with you.



Wow @Andreas! I didn’t know you are a pilot, too. That’s really interesting.

Thanks Janina, if you are interested: I have published a book about my trip on Amazon as an ebook and a printed version in English and German :Warum eigentlich nicht?/ Why not just do it?


Hallo Andreas.
Vielen Dank für meine erste Live Session. Das war Super!

Freut mich sehr.

Auf wiedersehen




I am looking for best German Tutor - I am Native German speaker was 15 when I left for USA. 40 years in US now back in Austria for work. I know German instinctually because it is my mother tongue but need to practice conversation ie Tantum coaching. Unfortunately, my business associates all speak english in business.

I have requested a tutor for today Sunday, 15th to talk about anything/everything. I love politics, poetry, science, play chess etc. etc. It would be great to for example read an newspaper article in german and then discuss it or read article in English and then discuss it in german. Sometimes I know the German word but need help from someone who can provide it when I say it in english during a conversation.


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Hi George, good to hear from you. What you ask for is exactly what you can find at Chatterbug. So I would advise to take a lesson to test it. Within the lesson there is always time to talk about other subjects,too. Just subscribe for a trial. I would be glad to get in contact with you. Best regards, Andreas.

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Hi Andreas! I cant hear or see you in our live session.