Announcing Chatterbug Go

:partying_face: We are incredibly excited to introduce you to our brand new beta product: Chatterbug Go!

Our wonderful Live Lesson and self-study exercises will soon be fully available in a mobile-friendly, bite-sized format, to allow tutors and students to learn together via Whatsapp. Our activities include quizzes, voice messages, videos, grammar explanations, news articles, graded readings, and much more.

One of our favorite features is our new correction tool, through which students will get immediate and personalized feedback on their oral and written input! :scream_cat:

We are currently testing German for English speakers, soon to be followed by our other languages.

Find more info on our landing page and let us know what you think!


Sounds really cool! Congrats :smiley:


I just texted the number :sunglasses:

This seems super interesting! I’m excited to check it out.


An additional note:
We are currently testing the correction tool to provide corrections for journal entries. This is still in test-phase and only available for learners of German. Our design team is working on improving the UI, while we also figure out other logistics and subscription integrations. But, heads up: some students are getting emails with their German journals corrected by Go tutors! :tada: :slight_smile:


Great idea! Sounds very innovative and interesting!


Hi, I really like the idea!
I am tutor at Chatterbug and I think this is a great addition for Chatterbug. I immediately had some friends in mind who would absolutely love this way of learning.

So I decided to test it and my husband tried to sign in last week (he is currently learning German by himself and Chatterbug Ho would be perfect for him!). Unfortunately it didn’t work for him until now, so I can’t say if I would recommend it to my friends or not. He texted the “I want to learn German” to the right number, but he just doesn’t get any response until now. I already sent an email to the support but so far that wasn’t too helpful either. So we are still waiting if there is a solution. Hopefully we can test Chatterbug Go soon to recommend it to my friends (many people here in Indonesia don’t own a laptop and don’t have WiFi at home, so they can’t learn with the other Chatterbug version).

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Hi @Katharina ,

I am really sorry to hear about your husband’s experience with Chatterbug Go! Keep in mind that we are still in the beta phase so we will have some kinks to iron our along the way. Can you let me know which support you emailed? Was it We can’t seem to find your inquiry.

We have sent your issue over to our Go developers to see what may have caused no initial response.

Hopefully he will give us another chance, especially since he will see the product improve overtime!

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Hi Megan,
thanks for your quick reply, if course I know it’s still beta testing, so all is still in progress. I sent an email to, as it was the suggested Email address in WhatsApp. I got a reply from Scott, he asked me for the phone number of my husband. So far, nothing more has happened.

BUT we just tried again and now my husband received the automatic answer in WhatsApp right away. So it seems that this is working now.


I am really excited! It’s such an innovative idea!


I think that´s a great idea! As soon as I read about Chatterbug Go, I recommended it to my boyfriend. He had taken German classes some time ago, but didn´t continue because he thinks he doesn´t have enough time. So, trying it seemed like a good idea to take it up again and to revise some contents without the more serious commitment of a “real” course. And in this sense, it has worked quite well!


Congratulations! I will definitely recommend it ! :tada:

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