Announcing: Chatterbug Streams! Our New Mobile App

:drum: Drum roll please…

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new app Chatterbug Streams, where you can watch bitesize language learning live streams hosted by native-speaking Streamers!

Available in German, Spanish, French and English, Streams is for language learners who want to build their confidence and develop their comprehension skills. Just like our Live Lessons, Streams are designed to prepare you for practical, real-life scenarios.

Each stream runs for 8-10 minutes and is based on a unit from Chatterbug’s curriculum (A1 - B2) or on original content developed by the team that brought you Chatterbug. Streams include real-time quizzes and vocabulary cards, stories, hobbies, and popular interests.

Our native-speaking Streamers will help you learn language through real-life scenarios like cooking lessons, music, checking into a hotel, yoga practice, complaining to a landlord, apartment hunting, organizing a barbecue, film critiques, online shopping, going on a date, and more! With their accents and colloquialisms, cultural insights, and energy, our Streamers are sure to entertain you as much as they teach you in these immersive language experiences. Check out the Streamer Profiles to learn more about our Streamers.

If you love interacting with native-speakers in your Live Lessons and wish you had even more exposure to your learning language, Streams are the perfect addition to your language learning process. With new live streams available every day and an extensive library of streams available on-demand, you can pick and choose the streams that you want to watch, when you want to watch them. On the train, in a doctor’s waiting room, even before you get out of bed in the morning (that’s dedication!). Available on the standalone Streams mobile app, you can take your learning with you and keep making progress, anytime, anywhere.

And the best part? All Chatterbug subscribers receive free and unlimited access to Streams for as long as they are a subscriber to one of our Live Lesson plans. If you have a Chatterbug Live Lesson subscription, you can log in to Streams using your existing Chatterbug username and password.

Tutors, that means you too! For the rest of 2021, all tutors will receive free access to Streams as long as they are an active tutor with Chatterbug.

We want all members of our community to be able to build their foreign language skills.

OK, I’m ready to watch! How do I get Streams?

  1. Download the Streams app from your device’s app store:
  2. Sign in with your existing Chatterbug account
  3. Start watching!


It is in fact a convenient app to use at anytime and to learn something new without much effort :raised_hands: :hugs:. Besides, there are a lot of cultural inputs that are helpful to understand more the language one is learning :catbee:.


Chatterbug Streams showed me that there are so many interesting langues gimmicks you can learn in a very cheerful way: e.g. don’t call your chief ‘chef’ (but ‘boss’ instead) unless you work in a restaurant :hamburger: :sunglasses: