Announcing new Podcast: Long Story Short!

Hey there!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new podcast Long Story Short. It’s a podcast for beginner german learners designed to teach German through the context of stories.

Each episode features a fictional short story with dialog in German and narration in English. Through the context clues in the the narration, we are hoping that listeners can understand the German dialog in the story. Then to further understanding, Helena (that’s me, hosting the podcast) will sit down with Danielle, a German learner, to discuss the story, some vocabulary, as well as cultural tidbits relating to experiences of life in Germany. The final segment is called Grammatically Speaking where I discuss grammar and memory techniques with two german teachers Inda and Stefie. Each episode correlates to 3 topics found in Chatterbug’s curriculum.

Tune in if you are looking for a relaxing yet informative German learning experience! Bis bald!


Great idea! Sounds really interesting

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How about in French for French learners.


We are also currently working on a French podcast @carol_tift - stay tuned!