Announcing: Streams is Free! (and more)


Chatterbug Streams is going Free!! You already have access, so you know how great our Streams are. Now you can share this experience with your friends, family and colleagues who have been wanting to learn a language, but aren’t sure where to start. Streams is the perfect place for them to dive right in and practice their listening comprehension, take quizzes, and participate in the chat now at the very low price of FREE.

But wait, there’s more! For all of our current Streams subscribers, we have a brand new Streams product feature for you!

Introducing: Chatterbug Club

Chatterbug Club is an exclusive community of language learners. You can further immerse yourself in language learning by joining social study sessions called Study Groups with other students at your level, led by our very own Chatterbug tutors. Study Groups take place right in the app and allow you to discuss streams, ask questions, explore your interests and practice your language skills in a friendly and stress-free environment. There will be multiple Study Groups available throughout the day, every day, so Chatterbug Club members can find sessions that fit their language level, interests, and schedule. Chatterbug plans to roll out additional benefits, perks, and learning experiences to Club members in the coming weeks.

So stop what you’re doing and head over to your Streams app and book a Study Group with your favorite tutor now!

Download here:


Awesome! Very excited to give it a go, especially seeing the amazing @Leocadie and @melina_monnet in the French club!

One question - is there an option to join via laptop rather than phone? Just more convenient for both audio and video.



Also just wanted to add: it’s really exciting to see how fast Chatterbug/Streams are evolving, both in the app and in the content. It feels like there’s so much momentum and new features are always being released, and the actual stream content is top-notch. I love the topics and the personalities and the delivery. It’s really great.

Really well done, team Chatterbug!


Hi @mgm :blush:

Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m sure @Leocadie and @melina_monnet are going to be very happy to see you there in their study groups :raised_hands:.

Regarding your question, for now, it is only possible to join via phone, since Streams is designed to be a mobile app. However, I’ll pass this idea as a feature recommendation to our team. I’m also thinking that joining via iPad could be a good option, as it is an app it should work.

We are glad to see that you enjoy Streams and the development it has had :hugs:. Thank you for sharing your opinion with us :catbee:.


Thank you for answering @27sp.sandra :grin:!

That’s such an exciting adventure :catbee: !

Last time, I had a study group with three A2 participants :
one came from Turkey and lived in Switzerland :switzerland:,
one was from Peru and was joining from Miami :peru: :us:
and the last one was in Bogota, Colombia :colombia:.

We had great talk and great fun chatting in French :fr:
Thats was just amazing :star_struck: , thank you Chatterbug and team for that :happyllama: :catbee: !!

@mgm see you soon in a study group and thank you so much for your enthusiastic words :grinning: !


Amazing news! I have a question though- are users able to download past streams to watch offline (if your Wi-Fi isn’t great, for example)? That would be a great feature to add if it’s not already. Love the app btw! :blush:


Hello, @g4rcons :blush:

Thank you for trying the app and giving us some feedback! :star_struck: Unfortunately, downloading a stream is still not an option, but, I will definitely pass this idea along to our engineering team.


Chatterbug is the coolest.


I really love the club feature! Thank you! But would be more awesome if the club lessons were a little longer and with more interaction. The tutors try to provide input but then sometimes there is no time for a discussion or at least saying more than 1 sentence. And also you are rarely corrected by the tutors which means you actually don’t learn how to do it right. Although you at least start speaking. I’ve been to groups of 2 and 3 people and can’t imagine it in a group of 5 in 15 min. So maybe longer options could be provided for those who have time, e.g. 20,25,30 min. Also would be cool to have an opportunity to ask the tutor questions after the lesson. Maybe within 1 day. Questions on the words on the topic or how would be better to formulate a sentence you wanted to say but did not succeed during the lesson.


Hey @anna321 !
Thanks a lot for your feedback!! It’s great that you went into detail about your opinion of the Study Groups (Club mini lessons). :raised_hands:
First of all, we are very happy that you like it and that you want it to last longer :wink: Maybe this means it’s time for you to try a one-to-one live lesson! I don’t know if you’ve heard of this other Chatterbug product (actually, the first one that was created): for 45 minutes you have a tutor just for you and you follow a progression of exercises designed for your level!
Nevertheless, I take note of your suggestions and I will pass them on to the Club team :slight_smile: Being corrected more often by tutors is something that can be quickly implemented, for example. We will pass the word on to them!
Also, if you have any questions after a study group, you can ask them here on the forum and your tutor (or another member of the community :upside_down_face:) will be happy to answer them!

Have a beautiful day :sunny:


I just want to say that I am really loving Streams. I have shared it with everyone I know from my German integration courses. The information is very relevant and presented in a fun way. I know many of my classmates were excited to see this type of content and the ability to actually speak to others learning German offered for free.



Hi @courtneyml :blush:,

Thank you so much for your feedback and for sharing Streams with more students :raised_hands:. We are happy you find the information relevant and fun, in the end we are looking to present a new way to learn and practice a new language, which should be enjoyable as well :hugs:.

I wish you the best with your German learning :muscle: and I hope you have a great week :happyllama:.


Hi again! Is it possible for you to give an update on this? This feature would really be useful, not just for me but for other users as well!


Sadly, this feature is not available until now. But stay tuned, we’ll let you know as soon as possible!


I am having issues joining the classes for a while now everything else works…Hilfe mir bitte

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Hi @christopherfoote !

Thank you for your question. :slightly_smiling_face:
I assume you are referring to the 15 minute Study Groups that are offered on the app?

Firstly, it is quite important to reserve your spot ahead of time. Some Study Groups fill up rather quickly seeing as it has a limit of only five students.

Once you are booked and ready to go, please make sure that you join in exactly on time. Unfortunately, once a Study Group starts, new students are not able to join.

If you are already signed up for live lessons on the Chatterbug platform, Chatterbug Club (Study Groups) are included in your subscription. If you are only wanting to do a couple of Study Groups per week, but don’t yet have a subscription, you will have to sign up through the app.

I hope this helps! :star2: :yum:


Hey there @christopherfoote!

I was wondering if you have any technical issues with the Study Group Sessions! Have you tried to download the newest version of the app from the app store?


Thanks for reaching out. Just learning how to use the message board. Are the classes cancelled I miss them


No worries at all!

Unfortunately yes, the Study Group Sessions came to an end. It was great to learn German with you, maybe we have the chance to work together in the future in a Live Lesson or somewhere else. Have a look at my profile to stay posted! :v:


Is there any chance that Chatterbug will do live streams again at some point? It was really helpful! :+1::heart: