Announcing the Chatterbug Streams Beta Program

Our brand new mobile app, Streams, is now available for beta testing! Want to give it a whirl? Here’s how to get it:

  1. Download the Streams app from your device’s app store:

  2. Open the app and enter your beta access code:

    • joinstreams2021
  3. Sign in with your existing Chatterbug account You’re in! :tada:

Alright, but what is Chatterbug Streams, anyway?
Streams is a standalone mobile app which allows users to view bitesize language learning live streams hosted by native-speaking trainers. Each stream is based on a unit from Chatterbug’s curriculum (A1 - B2) and includes real-time quizzes and vocabulary cards.

We’re currently offering this for German learners only, but plan to expand to further language pairs shortly.

What’s the beta program all about?

The beta program is free and you’ll have full access to the app until we launch it to the public in June 2021. Please note that we’ll be sending feedback forms via email to all beta participants.

Also, we’re continuously working on improving video / audio quality, so this may vary as we test things out.

Feel free to reply to this thread! We’d also love to see any spontaneous feedback you’d like to give us in this thread.


It looks amazing! :smiley:


I am on level A2. I plan to finish this level in summer. I tried this brand new mobile app for the first time. It is amazing! It is funny and helpfully!
Thank you for this good idea, chatterbug!
Try it out,
so long Danielaxxx