Annoyed and upset

Hello, I am new here at chatterbug. In my cards I have annoyed and upset. Both words were translated as “verärgert”. Is there any difference? Should I learn both or is one enough?
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Hi Danielaxxx,

These two words are often used with different meanings. Indeed one might say “I am annoyed and upset” to describe how they feel after a distressing event. Let’s go through both some examples of each.

“My brother annoys me. When I am with him, I am annoyed. He does annoying things like pick his nose and think out loud. Even my mother thinks he is annoying, and becomes annoyed when he is around.”

To become annoyed means to become irritated, and sometimes a little angry too.

Somethings that are annoying:

  • when your package is delivered to the wrong apartment building (pretty annoying).
  • when you get to the station and realise you left your wallet at home (so annoying).

Neither of these things would likely make you upset however. Being upset is a more deeply unhappy feeling, and not merely an inconvenience.

“I’m sorry that what I said made you upset. I didn’t mean to upset you. I actually really like your hair. Please don’t be upset with me.”

So, to be upset is to feel ‘unhappy’, ‘disappointed’ or ‘worried’. You can also upset someone by making them feel this way.

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Hy Ryan,

thank you for your answer. You spend a lot of time and interest in my question. Thank you!
I think it is very helpful. I think words are like colors. There is not only blue and red. There are many colors between and it is so amazing to discover the secrets.
Do you learn a language or do you teach one?
By Danielaxxx


@rynmnfrd is actually one of our English curriculum developers and has a background in teaching :slight_smile: . He also learns German with Chatterbug :wink:

Glad you found his answer helpful, @Danielaxxx!

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